Sunday,  July 18, 2021



Welcome, Announcements and Lord’s Prayer – Pastor Nick


*Opening Song – “Awakening” – Praise Team


Affirmation of Faith: Look below – Brent Van Dyke


Invitation - “Fiesta de la Calle” – Brent Van Dyke


Children’s Sermon:  Kim Van Dyke


Anthem – “Holy Ground” – Chancel Choir


Message – Party in the Streets – Pastor Blossom

Sermon Scripture: Luke 9:10-17 or Matthew 14:13-21


*Closing Hymn – “Freely, Freely” “389


*Benediction – Pastor Nick







Kingdom Affirmation of Faith (Revised Social Affirmation)


We believe in God, creator of the world and of all


and in Jesus Christ, incarnate among us, our Savior who died and rose again;

and in the Holy Spirit, present within us to guide, strengthen and empower.


We rejoice in every sign of God’s kingdom:

     In in the upholding of human dignity; 

     In every expression of love, justice, and 


     In each act of self-giving love on behalf of


     In the abundance of God’s gifts through which we

     are blessed to be a blessing.


We walk through our neighborhoods, workplaces,  

     and schools

     With the expectation that God is with us

     to heal, forgive, and restore

     that which is broken, those who are lost, all who

     are hurting.


That God’s Kingdom may be experienced among us

      this day and every day.